Connective Tissue – trellis as mediator

Addition Design

Not just a pool and guest house, but also an art studio and garage for a cherished vintage automobile, and an outside kitchenet with grill.  The proposal seeks to bring these tangential program elements together while also resolving a very formal neo traditional architectural language that is establish and enforced in this neighborhood of Hail Plantation outside Gainesville, Florida. 

Project Development

The proposal attempts to pull together auto entry from the driveway, walkable access to the driveway with a semi-formal entrance (if used as a guest house), and a formal relationship to the pool and classical elements of the existing home that physically connects to the house for protected circulation between the structures. 

The only viable view is to the west facing the pool with other vistas to the backs of other houses.

First Floor Plan Drawing
Loft Plan Drawing

Designed Shading

The trellis is deployed traditionally to screen and or support but is carried further, through varied configurations and scales, to provide the connective tissue in terms of form, shade, proportion, and linking device.  On the west façade of the pool house, the vertical trellis shades the interior two-story spaces will providing view out to the pool. 

The trellis acts volumetrically to maintain the classical form suggesting a volume is supported on the classically influenced columns that would match those of the existing structure. 

The interstitial space between the pool/guest house and the existing house is stitched with vertical and horizontal trellis elements that bring the entry forward of the garage, allow vegetation to grow vertically in this emerging garden courtyard, defines the grill/kitchenette, and gives privacy to the entry to the guest house.