Archer Braid is proposed as a dedicated bicycle and pedestrian way the will enhance connectivity between employment centers, multiple residential neighborhoods, schools, businesses, parks and nature areas.  Archer Braid will provide 8.7 miles of viable commuting alternatives for a large segment of the Gainesville population who normally travel by automobile on SW 20th Avenue and SW Archer Road.  It will reduce commute time between the many adjacent areas with high proximity but low connectivity.  This multi-use path separates bicyclists and pedestrians from the automobile to optimize safe riding for all ages, provides ‘safe routes to school’, provides an alternative for non-drivers (elderly or others) and buffers these groups from automobile commuter exhaust plumes noted as unhealthy to nearby pedestrians and cyclists by the Centers for Disease Control.   Supportive program elements such as mode transfer stations with bicycle parking, repair and refreshment pavilions, park infrastructure and nature area observation decks are presented as component element design alternatives.   Design alternatives and path visioning proposals have been developed by the Transporting Ecologies Studio, School of Architecture, University of Florida in association with the Florida Community Design Center.