Civilizing Ecologies: Reinventing Kakola aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Turku, Finland


Kakola Urban Design Competition, 2004

Civilizing Ecologies: reinventing Kakola proposes to reclaim Kakolanmänmaki as a cultural amenity. It reconnects the promontory to the city and larger landscape, marks this transformation on the city skyline and provides a vibrant civic realm that includes parks, gardens, housing, commercial enterprises, institutional facilities, cultural events and community infrastructure. The architecturally significant historic buildings establish the integrity of Kakola and suggest the potentials and limits for proposing interventions. Civilizing Ecologies concentrates housing in a voxolated organizational system balancing efficient repetitive modules with the terraced site dynamic achieving appropriate open space in other areas. A central pedestrian promenade organizes the site spatially and infrastructurally locking together the many incongruous elements in “pirunnyrkki” fashion.