Outside Gate Entry

Project Objective

The challenge of Manatee Children’s Services is to save children from broken and abusive homes.  Over decades they have perfected the protocols and strategies but have yet to find their own ‘home’ suited to the difficult task they face.  Expanding their property holdings on an adjacent site brings that opportunity and the potential for a garden campus to draw together their two existing buildings with the new Project Team Building. 

Both the ideas embedded in the concept of a garden (nurture, growth, nature, ecology, healing) and the physical occupation of a garden that permeates into the building spaces became the driving concept behind this design. 

Project Development

The building program is quite complex requiring specialized interview and observation rooms, a full medical clinic, administrative spaces, offices, and a layered access security arrangement.  The vertical and horizontal organization of the building and the use of exterior stairs and courts connect people to the garden whenever possible while also providing secured spaces for critical situations. 

Existing Site
Proposed Outdoor Area Addition

Goals- Renew, Restore, and Rejuvenate

Creating a sequence roadmap for rehabilitation of the 1929 and 1967 structures to meet the evolving needs of the congregation while enhancing the historic integrity was the priority of the project.

This will create a guide for planning, budgeting, rental capacity and fundraising. This flexibility addresses evolving needs and opportunities of diverse funding sources.

Gilmore Acoustic

Project Design

A community meeting room offers a civic presence at the street while simultaneously buffering the implications of the more difficult and heart wrenching stories that will be told in the private spaces of the building.  Here again, the garden becomes a vital symbol and prescription in the healing process for the many children who pass through and for the staff who every day take on the burden of those children’s circumstances.

Terrace and Garden

Inside of Gate Entrance

Ground Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan Drawing
Third Floor Plan Drawing

Interior Spaces

Kitchen Section Elevation
Pews Arrangements